Duck Lake, Calhoun County, Michigan is a beautiful lake with clear water and ample opportunities for boating, fishing and sailing.

The Duck Lake Association is a Michigan Non-Profit Lake Association

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ANNOUNCEMENTS - 9:56 AM Tuesday Bill Taylor just emailed us the following: The PLM lake treatment crew showed up early this morning (July 25, 2017) with an air boat and did their job down at the south end.

Previous: PLM Lake and Land Management Corp (PLM), under the direction of Restorative Lakes Sciences, will be treating a small portion of Duck Lake on July 25 (or July 26th as a backup day in case of bad weather on the 25th). The chemical used for this treatment will be Renovate OTF.

Duck Lake Association 2017 Meeting Dates

Tuesday, April 11th; Tuesday, May 9th; Thursday, June 15th; Tuesday, July 11th: Tuesday, August 8th.

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Take a look! A new way to order Duck Lake association apparel. Orders are now done on-line. Simply click on the following link:Duck Lake Association Apparel. There are many more choices, and your payment is done online. The next order period will from later this summer.

Restorative Lake Sciences (RLS)

Is the firm hired to manage, consult and advise concerning invasive aquatic weeds. The 2016 RLS Duck Lake Management Plan and Study, (new fall 2016) is available on this link. Duck Lake 2016 Annual Report

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The ice was completely gone from Duck Lake on February 21, 2017 per Tom Fairles, who maintains this record going back 56 years.

The annual Around The Lake garage sale is held the fourth Saturday in June.